Mexico Matters

Take a look at the numbers

In Arizona, we know firsthand the positive impact international collaboration can have on our state. The Arizona-Mexico Commission has worked for nearly six decades to strengthen our relationship with Mexico, Arizona’s largest trading partner.

Under the leadership of Governor Katie Hobbs, the Arizona-Mexico Commission strives to facilitate innovative and impactful ways to position Arizona at the forefront of an increasingly interconnected global economy.

Take a look at some of the numbers that drive our economic connection with Mexico.

Trade & Commerce

  • Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner times four. Arizona’s two-way trade with Mexico was $19.6 billion in 2022: nearly $8.7 billion in exports and $10.8 billion in imports. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Arizona’s infrastructure supports international trade and tourism with six international border ports of entry, including one of the nation’s largest commercial ports, the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales, Arizona.
  • Visitors from Mexico contribute between 60-70% of sales tax revenue in our border communities.
  • Arizona’s expanded ports of entry are driving investment in infrastructure. Nearly $60 million of private investment has resulted from improvements to border infrastructure in Nogales, AZ for warehouses and distribution centers to support international commerce.
  • The automotive industry in Arizona and Sonora produces 1,488 vehicles daily, supporting more than 50,600 employees.

People & Traffic

  • Arizona’s ports of entry are a gateway for Arizona commerce and tourism. In 2022 Arizona saw crossing volumes of:
    • 22,667,657 people
    • 452,848 trucks
    • 7,998 buses
    • 9,404,110 cars
    • 810 trains
    • 5,466,508 pedestrians
(Source: United States Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics)


  • Nearly 3.6 million people from Mexico choose Arizona as a travel destination annually, representing the largest segment of international tourism to Arizona.
  • Tourism from Mexico accounts for the majority of all expenditures in Arizona by international visitors to the state.
  • Tourists from Mexico have an annual economic impact of $2.5 billion and support approximately 30,000 jobs throughout Arizona.
(Source: Arizona Office of Tourism)