Our History

In 1959, then Arizona Governor Paul J. Fannin came together with former Sonora Governor Alvaro Obregon to bring the two states and countries together around shared goals for the region. The partnership led to the founding of the Arizona-Mexico West Coast Trade Commission and its sister organization in Sonora, the Comité de Promoción Económica y Social de Sonora-Arizona.

Representatives from each state were selected from industries ranging from agriculture to education, to improve relations and development of their respective industries. Governor Fannin’s vision for the organization was based on his view that “God made us neighbors, let us be good neighbors.”

In 1972, former Arizona Governor Jack Williams took action to elevate and expand the organization’s activity, appointing a select group of prominent business leaders, educators, and others with an interest in working with Mexico to help lead the organization as its Board of Directors. As part of this restructuring, Governor Williams also gave the organization its new name, the Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC).

Over the last six decades, the AMC has stood by Governor Fannin’s vision of improving the quality of life in the region. In the spirit of being good neighbors, the AMC continues our proven legacy of promoting a strong, cooperative relationship with Mexico.