About Us

Arizona-Mexico Commission

The Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) is Arizona’s premier cross-border nonprofit organization. Our mission is to improve the economic prosperity and quality of life for all Arizonans through strong, public/private collaborations in advocacy, trade, networking and information.

Arizona knows firsthand the value of strong international relationships in an increasingly connected global economy and society. And our shared border with Mexico offers Arizona the opportunity to work across international lines to achieve shared goals, and offer a unique region primed for international investment.

That’s why for six decades, the AMC has worked to strengthen Arizona’s ties to Mexico and build a cross-border community of professionals from nearly every industry from agriculture to medicine. This mission is fueled by the policy priorities of the Governor and in line with her vision, an Arizona for everyone.  The work of the AMC’s binational committees drive this mission, acting as industry and community advocates in partnership with the Comisión Sonora-Estados Unidos (CSEU).


The AMC actively works to influence policy and decision making in areas that impact the bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. From policies that facilitate the flow of goods and people at the border to policies that protect the environment, there are many areas of critical interest to the AMC and its members. The AMC is well positioned to communicate the vision of the Governor and our members to policymakers on both sides of the border.


International trade and commerce are a substantial part of Arizona’s economy, with cross-border trade between Arizona and Mexico totaling $19.6 billion in 2022. And visitors from Mexico contribute more than $7 million every day shopping in our stores, eating at our restaurants, staying in our hotels and other businesses, contributing substantially to Arizona’s economy. The AMC is committed to ensuring continued growth of trade and tourism with Mexico, by supporting key projects and policies that can support this critical piece of our economy.


The AMC brings together business leaders, academics, policymakers, and others all interested in strengthening Arizona’s ties to Mexico. The AMC helps our members build relationships through our signature events, meetings and one-on-one meetings.

Our goal is to build lasting connections that will build upon Arizona’s proven legacy of working with Mexico.


Information is an important part of all of the work at the AMC. We strive to bring together the most relevant numbers, research and experience that can support informed dialogue and decision making. The AMC partners with subject area experts working with Mexico and brings all the information together to develop meaningful policy and drive impactful programs.