Neighbors for Good

Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) founder, former Arizona Governor Paul Fannin, is remembered as setting the stage for a strong relationship with Mexico when he said,  “God made us neighbors, let us be good neighbors.” Nearly six decades later, Arizona continues to work with that notion in mind – we’re neighbors for good.

Arizona’s unified approach with Mexico along with our neighborly spirit is the foundation for our time-tested partnership. This collaborative and trusted relationship is what drives the AMC’s work on issues ranging from trade and commerce to international tourism.

Promoting Trade & Commerce

The Arizona-Mexico Commission is committed to making sure Arizona’s borders move at the speed of business – actively working to reduce border wait times through innovative programs like Unified Cargo Processing, a joint U.S.-Mexico inspection program piloted at the Nogales Port of Entry.

Innovating in Education & Research

Supporting our higher education institutions is key to fostering innovation in the region. The Arizona-Mexico Commission is actively working to support innovative binational university partnerships for Arizona’s universities through international degree programs and classes, student exchanges, and collaborative research initiatives.

Supporting Tourism

Together, Arizona and Mexico offer travelers a geographically and culturally diverse destination. The Arizona-Mexico Commission is working to facilitate joint promotion of the region as a tourist destination, working with Arizona’s universities and our business community to promote the region.

Safe and Efficient Infrastructure

Safe infrastructure is a priority for both sides of the border; it keeps commerce and tourism moving. The Arizona-Mexico Commission has worked to facilitate unique cross-border partnerships such as the Lukeville-Peñasco Safety Corridor and the commercial driver training program to make our infrastructure safer and more efficient.