Be a part of our proven legacy. 

Members of the Arizona-Mexico Commission are the driving spirit that continually position Arizona as an international leader. The Arizona-Mexico Commission is Arizona’s venue for relationships, policy and access to the state’s number one trading partner, Mexico. Since 1959, we’ve been bringing the right people to the table to advance and cultivate the Arizona-Mexico relationship, and our members are the foundation for the unique network our organization offers.


As a member of the Arizona-Mexico Commission you gain direct access to decision makers, the Governors of Arizona and Sonora, state policymakers, state government officials, and municipal and private industry leaders who are all invested in the Arizona-Mexico relationship.


Through the work of the Arizona-Mexico Commission’s binational committees, the AMC’s diverse membership and leadership meet on binational and multi-agency issues to address and navigate challenges facing the Arizona-Sonora region, promote joint projects and develop action plans that have a positive impact on the future of Arizona and the region.


Connections made through the Arizona-Mexico Commission lead to collaborative and lasting relationships that result in mutually beneficial working partnerships. Throughout the year, members have the opportunity to gather at a variety of AMC events to connect and come together around shared goals.